Cardiff, UK to London Heathrow Terminal 3

You''ve had 6 months at home enjoying the UK lockdown, you're ready to get out, more than that. You've booked a beach holiday and are ready to relax in the sun.

You're flying from London heathrow so will get to enjoy some great retail in the airport, but hang on a minute, how do you get from Cardiff to London Heathrow (and make sure you catch your flight), well there's a few options for you to choose from and we'll take a look at these!


2 adults

2 children


Monday 19th July 2021

Departing from London Heathrow Terminal 3 at 9am

Destination: Maldives


Monday 2nd August 2021

Landing at London Heathrow Terminal 3 at 3.50am

The holiday sounds amazing, and you can't wait to hit the beach, water villa and explore the maldivian culture, but wait a minute, how do you get to Heathrow Airport for 6am and how are you going to manage getting you and your family back home from London Heathrow to Cardiff at 3.50am. Well, don't let your mood get dampened just yet, we're going to look at all your travel options to get from Cardiff UK, to London Heathrow Terminal 3.

Cardiff to London Heathrow Terminal 3 - Get the train

Your flight leaves at 9am, so you need to be at the airport for 6am, so let's get the train at 3am from Cardiff Central to London Heathrow Terminal 3...

Oops, that's really an option the trains don't run that early, so what are you're options? Well we'll need to leave Cardiff a day early, Sunday 18th at 20.20 arriving into London at 22.54. Here's the catch, you don't need to check in until 6am so we'll need to book you a hotel, lets check the price for that.

One night at London Heathrow is going to cost you £125.

Okay, so you're at the airport and ready for your holiday, let's just tally up how much it's cost!

The train for a family of four to London Heathrow is £217.45 and let's add the hotel cost on top, and we've spent £342.45 to get to London Heathrow Terminal three.

Maldives = AMAZING

Okay, so now you've landed and need to get back to Cardiff, UK

London heathrow Terminal 3 to Cardiff, UK

Your flight arrives at 3.50am, assuming you're on time, you should be walking out of the airport for about 5am.

The earliest train from London Heathrow to Cardiff UK is 6.17am, so you'll need to hang about for an hour and then you're train will get you back to Cardiff.

The prices for a family of four from London Heathrow Terminal 3, to Cardiff UK is £448.80.

So let's tally that up, we spent £342.45 to get to London Heathrow from Cardiff, and a further £448.80 to get home, that's a total of £791.25.

WOW that's seems a lot to get airport transfers for your holiday. Let's have a look at some option options, next up, let's drive.

Drive to London heathrow Terminal 3

It'll take you about two and a half hours to get from Cardiff, UK to London Heathrow so you'll be leaving at 3am to make sure you catch your flight, let's take a look a parking at Heathrow.

Two weeks parking at Heathrow is going to cost you around £120 (heavily discounted due to covid)

On your return from the Maldives, you'll be arriving into London Heathrow at around 4am. After a fourteen hour flight, you should be fresh for a two and half hour drive home... Or not !

Assuming your car does about 40 MPG, you'll spent about £150 on fuel and no doubt £30 in the services (and that's being optimistic).

Let's tally the cost of driving to London Heathrow from Cardiff, UK. That's £300, which is much less than getting the train but you're going to face 100 miles of M4 after a very long flight.

One final option, let's look at booking an airport transfer with South Wales Transfers.

One of our proffesional drivers will arrive at your home at 3.30am and take care of your luggage, so you can sit back and relax in one of our premium vehicles.

Our driver transfer you to London Heathrow safetly and comfortably, and can arrange to stop in a service station that has what you need.

At the end of your airport transfer with South Wales Transfers, your vehicle will park directly outside the Departures check in area at London Heathrow Terminal 3, letting check in easily.

After you've enjoyed your holiday, you'll be greeted at the arrivals hall by one of our professional drivers. You'll be escorted back to your comfortable vehicle and whisked back to Cardiff.

South Wales Transfers can arrange private airport transfers to London Heathrow from £375.

Please get in touch with the team if you'd like to book.

Thanks for reading.

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